All courses listed here count toward the Medical Humanities minor, even if they are not listed in the Rice General Announcements (GA).

Summer 2022 Courses

ENGL 272, Literature and Medicine, Graham, Lindsay
MDHM 430, Sem Med Hum Practicum, Bailar, Melissa A.
MDHM 430, HHASS Practicum, Li, Lan
PHIL 166, Ethics in Pandemics, Pinto Talero, Daniel E.

SPAN 322, Special Topics: Advanced Spanish II, Diaz Montalvo, Thais M.

Fall 2022 Courses

ANTH 399 - Anthropology of Reproduction, Georges, Eugenia
ANTH 419/619 - Black Feminist Science Studies, Massie, Victoria
ANTH 477/677 - Representations of Disability, Fietz, Helena and Young, Olivia
ENGL 272 - Literature and Medicine, Bailar, Melissa
ENST 312 - Justice in the Food System, Sapp Moore, Sophie
HIST 312 - Environment, Disease, Medicine and Public Health in Latin America, Lopez-Alonso, Moramay
HUMA 131 - What is an (ab)Normal Body?, Li, Lan
MDHM 201 - Introduction to Medical Humanities, Li, Lan
MDHM 238 - Medical Horror in Film & Literature, Alexander, Travis
MDHM 402 - Year-Long Practicum: HHASS Med Hum Practicum 1, Mitchell, Beverly
MDHM 430 - One-Semester Practicum: HHASS 1-Sem Med Hum Practicum, Bailar
, Melissa
RELI 344 - Life at the End of Life, Brennan
, Marcia
SPAN 322 - Medical Spanish, Turi, Luziris
SPAN 323 - Medical Apprenticeship, Turi, Luziris
SPPO 370 - Disabled Bodies: Illness and Literature in Latin America, Heffes, Gisela