Minor Requirements

Medical Humanities Minor

In response to overwhelming faculty and student demand from across campus, the School of Humanities launched its Medical Humanities minor in 2016. With support from the Humanities Research Center, the Medical Humanities program has grown rapidly, bringing together researchers, scholars, artists and students from all parts of Rice to explore the human dimensions of health and illness.

Medical humanities courses explore complex issues such as how we define the meaning of a “good life” in the face of illness, how data visualization shapes the ways that doctors see health and disease, or how ideas about contagion become imbued with complex social and cultural connotations and biases. We examine these questions through history, art, literature, anthropology and more, to gain a holistic understanding of the human dimensions of health and disease.

Students who minor in the medical humanities are prepared to navigate and lead in the development of a more humane, equitable and just health care system that provides benefits to all through ethical, culturally informed practices.

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The requirements for the Medical Humanities minor include:

  • A core course (MDHM 201 "Introduction to Medical Humanities")
  • Four electives drawn from at least two departments
  • A semester-long practicum

See the General Announcements listing for additional details about the minor.

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To learn more about the Medical Humanities program and the Medical Humanities minor, contact the program administrator at bas7@rice.edu or by phone at 713-348-4118.